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Pilgrimage to the sacral North of Russian Land – the Hyperborea, with Dr. Elena Loboda

June 17 - July 12, 2017

For thousands of years, on the vast expanse of Northern Europe and Asia (Siberia), there have existed various esoteric traditions – a heritage of Arktida, the continent under the Pole Star. A long time ago the physical continent of Arktida sank into the Arctic Ocean, but it still existed on the higher vibrational level of Gaya – planet Earth. This is the legendary Belovodie –Tule – Iriy. The Pure Land of the blessed, the Polar Haven, as it had been described by the wisdom keepers of many traditions.

Ancient descendants of Arktida spread out on the vast expanse of Northern Europe and Asia and created Hyperborea –Aryanovea. The consciousness, power and knowledge of the members of that sacred ancient Northern tradition extended far beyond anything presently known. With help of Polar Iriy – Haven, Hyperborean created a lot of Places of sacred Power in the North, which still existed until our time.

Mysterious, hidden Hyperborean North, enchanted by fog and flooded by the crystal silence of the sky... We will journey to and practice at the places of natural and structured power of that mystical land…

Starting with beautiful and magical city of S. Petersburg we will visit the legendary Kola Peninsula, the land of the Magi, shamans and sorcerers Lapp (Sami), hiding the mysterious ancient artifacts ...

The Solovetsky archipelago or Solovky, as Russians call it ­– is one of the most remarkable and powerful places of the Russian North. It is situated at the mouth of the Onega Bay of the White Sea.
Under the severe and silent northern sky, among the remote lakes of one of the countless rocky islands stands the Solovetsky monastery, a unique and striking monument of ancient Russian architecture. Powerful walls with stocky ponderous towers made of enormous erratic blocks surround the austere and monumental architectural ensemble of the monastery.

Russian North has a lot of the mysterious and very ancient structures – labyrinths (gates to other dimensions). The most remarkable among the northern labyrinths are the Solovki Labyrinths. They are considered the largest in the world. Consisting of 35 known labyrinths, with more than a thousand rock piles and often featuring symbolic boulder constructions.
 We will see another set of ancient powerful megalithic constructions at the Kuzoveckij archipelago near the Solovki.
After departing from Solovki we are going to Kargopol’ – Russian northern city. Just imagine the ambient, created by the wind ringing through the bell and pearls on the woman’s kokoshnik... Oh…
We will sail through the Onejskoe lake to see ancient powerful and mysterious petroglyphs on the rocks of its beautiful shore.
Tender northern summer, wild berries, edible mushrooms… While hiking the trails of the Kenozersky national park we will experience the richness of the natural Cosmic Elements of one of the most beautiful and sacred places of the Russian North– Kenozero. We will have an exciting boat trip visiting ancient Russian villages, temples and chapels, getting an authentic experience of ancient ceremonies and traditions. Admiring the beautiful forest horizons, which are going to a meeting with the sky, the handmade heavens – sky in ancient wooden temples is an unforgettable experience that nobody should miss.
Last place of our pilgrimage is Vologda, beautiful and cozy ancient Russian city, which is famous for its numerous monasteries and cathedrals.  In the Ferapontov monastery we will be enjoying the frescos of Dionysius, ancient Russian spiritual artist.

And we will return back to S. Petersburg to finish this magical circle of our pilgrimage.

Our expedition will consist of 3 parts: 1) the Kola Peninsula, 2) Solovki - Kargopol - Onega - Kenozero and 3) Vologda.

(Only experienced practitioners can take part in the 1) of the expedition (Kola Peninsula).