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Frequently Asked Questions

What practices are recommended after 21 December 2012?
From the letter of a practitioner:

"We continue to practice: do " 9 Breaths ", meditate, fasting. What practices/exercises are recommended especially to do now?"



Now more than ever the purity of intention is essential.

It aims to connect with the soul and its evolution as a spark of Unified Consciousness.


Welcome luminous beings!

Transition started strongly but gently enough. Big help comes from the Forces of Light. The body of course can feel pain, weakness, or bustling. Work with these conditions accordingly. Body needs to alternate tension (strong enough!) and then relaxation (try to enter more deeply in Shavasana). Less talk. Minimize the automatic reflex reactions in dealing with people and environment around you. Minimum connections to society - it contagious! Permanent soft introspection - pure presence in your perceptions and reactions. Be a laid-back witness of your life. Gently interact with people, from the position of a wise kindness and without attachment. Play your social role well, but not overplay, do not turn on the selfish grasping, dramatization, self-blame, self-interested desire to comply with social standards (playing the role of the good girl / boy). You are in the process of freeing yourself from the contamination of the human form, do not resist it, open yourself, trust, let go of ego control.

1) Continue to practice all the cleaning energy practices and recapitulation of episodes of your life that come to mind.

2) Work with clean, vibrant energies of the natural elements and their harmonization in your mandala and mandala of all living creatures of the Earth, of course including a deep connection with itself - with Gaia. Our practices are spread throughout the world, and we connect with other practitioners on the same wavelength of purity of intention.

3) Be sure to finish the practice with prolonged meditation of alive crystal clear light of Unified Consciousness in the Central Channel through the Zenith (as high as possible) -> top of the head (crown chakra), the center of the head (the presence of the Soul), Anahata and heart (House of Soul) , Manipura, the navel chakra, the secret chakra (the presence of the soul in the womb for women and at the center Hara for men), the chakra of the lower output.

Be sure to conduct the maximum purification of the lower chakras (the level of instincts, primitive emotions and automatic reactions), in the chakras of survival (secret), reproduction (abdomen) and logical thinking (solar plexus).

4) At the maximum level of purification and dissolution in the Light, build your body of Light.

Clarity and Unity on the way of Evolution of Consciousness,


How to prepare for a fasting?
One week before the fasting, eat more fresh (and\or steamed) vegetables and fruits. Mostly carrot, cabbage, cauliflower, green-lief vegetables, papaya, apples, pineapple, plums. Do not eat meat, chicken, fatty, spicy, salty and smoked food. Do not eat a lot of sweets and sugar. Eat more olive oil and only a little butter. Do not eat a lot of cheese. Cottage cheese is better. Your diet will include a little bit of porridge from WHOLE grains, or bread from whole grains but with no yeast, because yeast create bad bacterias in our intestine. To develop good healthy bacterias in your intestine you need to eat yogurt or kefir (dairy or from soy) with alive lactobacterios: acidophilus and bulgaricus or bifidus, and/or thermophilus and casei. They help to digest food properly and produce a lot of vitamins inside of your intestine.

Do not drink cold water during or after meal - it diminishes digestive fire. Better do not drink coffee and strong black tee. Drink a lot of hot water, fresh squeezed juices and plain liquid yogurt. And do not eat at night after 6-7p.m., only drink - this is very important!

Use 3-6 tablet of Mega Cleans, ( with a cup of hot water 30 min. before breakfast and dinner. You need to have diarrhea to cleanse your large intestine. Optional: Do enema, if you know how to do it, at 5-7p.m. with warm water and 1-2 tablespoon of lemon juice every evening, or every second day.

Last day before fasting eat very light - only fresh squeezed juices, vegetables fresh and\or steam, hot water and hot herb tea and plain yogurt. You will do enema in the evening of that day and in the morning of first day of fasting.

Every day take a hot bath or go to sauna or steam room. Keep your legs, feet and stomach warm. Whole week try to be more relaxed and have enough sleep.

How to exit a fasting?
The  rule of the thumb is you exit as many days as you fast.

First day you drink only juice one to one diluted with water.Use juice-maker, do not drink bottled juices from a store. If you don't have a juice-maker squeeze juice by hands from grapefruit or orange and then strain it and dilute with water.
First juice - 
grapefruit or orange.
Second juice -
caret, apple and celery combined together.
Third and others - any juice you want. Later you can add a cucumber and small piece of beet root. Try not to mix vegetables and fruits, better to separate them. Do not mix more than 4 ingredients in one juice. Do not use pungent vegetables such as radish. 5 juices is enough for the first day.

If you fasted 5 days or more continue to drink juices on the second day. At the end of the day you can make yourself a soup from vegetables. Simmer cut vegetables in water until tender and then mash them or puree in a blender. Do not add salt, spices, oil, butter, garlic or onion.
If you fasted 3 days begin you second day with a juice. No need to add water. Later you can eat a yogurt or fruits or make a salad or soup described above. At the end of the day you may cook an oatmeal porridge. Eat slowly, chew well.

If you fasted 5 days your third day's ration will include juices, soup-puree, yogurt and steamed vegetables.
Eat slowly, chew well.
If you fasted 3 days on the third day to the food you have ate on the second day you may add olive oil to the salad or porridge and east-free bread. From now on you may slowly and mindfully return to your normal ration.

On the fourth day those participants who fasted 5 days may add fresh salad, fresh fruits,
oatmeal porridge and an olive oil.
On the fifth day an
east-free bread and honey may be added. After fifth day you may eat eggs and fish. From now on you may slowly and mindfully return to your normal ration. 
What foods, in your opinion, should a healthy diet consist of?
I believe that most of the healthy ration should consist of vegetables of different colors. Including leafy greens.As well as dairy products in the form of living and unsweetened yogurt, kefir and cottage cheese.Of course all this as organic as possible. Main oils: Olive cold-pressed and ghee.Fruit (not so much in winter as in summer). Grains must be included in the food. Use more millet, buckwheat, quinoa and wild rice.White rice is genetically modified as well as the corn.

Right now a big discussion is going on around gluten.As I understand, gluten contains a large number of useful proteins. In my opinion, direct connection between gluten and allergies is not proven. If the bowel is dirty and there processes of fermentation(sauerkraut) and decay (meat and animal protein) occur, then gluten can enhance and facilitate the penetration of toxins in the digestive organs, particularly the liver and blood.

In any case it is better to reduce the consumption of white bread(wheat contains some specific gluten)and baked products. But the rye and oat are lighter, easier to digest and contain more nutrients.

Most important is to reduce decay and fermentation in the gut, to eliminate a toxic harmful flora and to maintain high level of beneficial lactic acid bacteria. With regular fasting and proper vegetarian diet everything gradually returns to normal.

I'd like to introduce regular fasting days in my life. What would be the best approach?
Ekadashi dates could be used to help to introduce fasting days in your healthy lifestyle.
Ekadashi is the eleventh lunar day of the bright or dark fortnight of every lunar month in the Hindu calendar. In Hinduism and Jainism it is considered a spiritually beneficial day. Scriptures recommend observing an (ideally waterless) fast from sunset on the day before Ekadashi to 48 minutes after sunrise on the day following Ekadashi. Two Ekadash is occur in one month according to positions of the moon. One Ekadashi coincides with the times when the Moon is the closest to Earth and the times when it is farthest from the Earth. Ekadashi dates are being calculated for each year.
You will get most benefits if you fast waterless on Ekadashi day, but if you absolutely cannot fast then Ekadashi diet allows milk, fruit, vegetables and nuts.
If you want even more fasting days then add a one day for each occurrence of New Moon and Full Moon.

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