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Ancient Spiritual Heritage of the Northern Eurasian (Siberian) Region.

Sacred Message from the Northern Tradition of White Elders

For thousands of years, on the vast expanse of Northern Europe and Asia (Siberia),there have existed esoteric Hyperborean (meaning "behind the north wind") traditions of spiritual practices. They can be divided into three levels: kamlanie, volhovanie and vedanie. All of them are based on a non-dualistic direct experience of the world but they use this experience differently. Depending on the practitioner's received teaching, empowerment and training, kamlanie, volhovanie and vedanie can be practiced together or separately. Most commonly a practitioner becomes specialized in one of these levels and performs practices of the other levels sporadically or rarely according to the situation.

Kamlanie (commonly known as Shamanism) uses a lot of special material artifacts, costumes, amulets and musical instruments. Kam (a person who performs kamlanie) often works with the physical representation of universal elements: earth, water, fire, air, or uses rituals and ceremonies in order to journey to the Upper Worlds or the Under Worlds.

Volhovanie and vedanie are more ancient and secret traditions. Volhovanie works with the energy-spirit level of universal elements and uses only a small amount of material artifacts. A volhv (person who perform volhovanie) intentionally performs energetic-emotional self-purification and self-transformation by working with energy channels and centers of his/her body through specific movements, postures, breath, sounds, self massage and by using the energy-spirit of universal elements and forces. Through this practice the volhv attains expanding perception and extraordinary abilities that permit him/her to work as a healer on the energy-consciousness level.

The highest level of Hyperborean practices is Vedanie which is knowing directly (seeing) on the energy-consciousness-spirit level without any special material artifacts or rituals. Vedanie is the most secret and abstract tradition completely based on a non-dualistic direct experience of the world. A ved (male) or vedda (female) experiences energy-consciousness-spirit and how it flows and exists in the universe without using any special tools. Veddik practitioners are able to do it because they are able to totally change their perception by shifting it from the common five senses to the entire body. In this case it is important to know that the Veddik practitioner does not perceive his/her body as a physical one but as an energy field in form of a complex multidimensional hologram where a “physical” body is only a small part.

Therefore, direct perception is accomplished by using the entire energy field-body as an organ of perception.  There is a saying: “The whole body of a practitioner consists of the eyes.” This allegorically shows the ability to consciously manifest a multidirectional and multidimensional perception. In this state of heightened awareness, a Veddik practitioner sees, senses, perceives and processes much more information than other people in their usual state of awareness. Consequently, vedanie is direct knowledge without limiting of interpretation, without words, thoughts, emotions. To be transferred to other people, this knowledge needs to be transformed to wisdom by lingual interpretation.

It is important to emphasize that Hyperborean esoteric practices which awaken deep wisdom and inner natural goodness do not belong to any single religion or culture. In the territory of the Russian Federation there exist more than 50 different tribes which have been practicing the Hyperborean heritage. Although these tribes are speaking many different languages, some of which are the most ancient living languages on our planet (Paleolithic) they follow the same ageless tradition and perform similar rituals and ceremonies. The wisdom-keepers of the Hyperborean tradition affirm it as an ancient heritage of Shambala-Belovodie-Tule (Tula) the pure land that exists in the highest dimensions.

Some of these spiritual practices have been used through hundreds of hundreds of years in the highest level of training of other traditions and religions like Dzogchen (in Tibetan Bon and Buddhism), Hesychasm (esoteric early Christian tradition), or Bhagti Yoga. This training includes long fasting without food and often without water, bathing in ice water, sleeping on snow during the winter nights, practicing dark retreat in a cave or an underground shelter, long silent meditation and wordless prayer of sustained presence in the heart.

According to the tradition of the Hyperborean lineages of knowledge, all phenomena in the universe manifest from the interaction of Three Sacred Forces: The Force of Stabilization, The Force of Transformation and The Force of Unification. The universal elements of earth, water, fire, air and continuum spontaneously arise from the interaction of these Forces. A wisdom-keeper communicates with these Forces and the universal elements by using a Science of Images. According to this Science, a wisdom-keeper creates the images encompassing Vibration, Space and Time, and activates the images by inviting the spirit-energy of those Forces or Elements into the energy‑field‑body. The active image of each Force or Element has its own consciousness-energy and works according to its essential nature and with an intention of the wisdom-keeper for the healing, harmonizing and transforming of the whole multi-dimensional human organism: the body-energy-mind, and all of that which affects life circumstances. Starting from the human organism this healing process goes deeply and widely, as in a circular wave, by spreading and penetrating into all levels of the environment from the closest ones to the most distant.Therefore, the Veddik wisdom-keeper is known as a sacred keeper of Universal Harmony.

As we are now going through rapid and profound changes, this ancient sacred knowledge is opened to allow more people to become wisdom-keepers of the universe, to open the inner source of healing and transformation, and to harmonize their lives with the cosmic order.

I must point out that access to most of those sacred techniques demands a previous ethical tuning to pass over to the guarded space of the ancient method. In other words, those techniques are “locked.” Universal Ethics have a “lock” (Universal Ethical Laws that are manifested in current space-time) and it demands a key code for one to pass into the protected space of ancient practice. For example, in the case of healing a human disease and applying the techniques safely, a practitioner must find the deep hidden purpose or cause of the disease or illness by exercising the master key of the heart — the method to open the heart-wisdom channel.

So the priority and foundation of the Hyperborean spiritual passcode of self-development is purification, transformation and balancing on the emotional level in order to reach the state of the Sunny Heart. These are foundational practices to allow practitioners to reach deeper levels of purification and transformation of consciousness. The first step focuses on the body as a map to travel in the realms of human emotions, specialized breathing exercises, sacred meditation, visualization practices, and energy work. Practitioners learn to identify the source of dysfunctional physical, energetic and emotional patterns, and techniques to balance them.

         In the second step, practitioners discover the gates that exist in the human energy system, and journey through them to the inner cosmos by entering several levels of emotions, energy, and consciousness. On this journey, they learn to use the five universal elements: earth, water, fire, air and continuum. They learn to connect with the energy-spirit of the sun, moon, stars of the Upper Worlds and the stones, trees, animals of the Under Worlds. According to Hyperborean knowledge everything in the Universe is alive and conscious, even if that consciousness is different from human consciousness. By those practices a practitioner learns how to communicate and connect to everything that exists on the level of energy-spirit.