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    For thousands of years there have existed secret esoteric traditions — including a heritage of Arktida, the continent under the Polar Star. That tradition of Northern Veddik Lineages has used integrative practices based on a direct perception of the world’s energy vibrations. The consciousness, power and knowledge of the members of that ancient culture far exceed anything presently known.


    The heritage of Arktida holds practices which awaken deep wisdom and inner goodness. Now in this time of deep and fast changes in nature and society, that ancient knowledge will help people to open an inner source to transform themselves, minimize conflict and suffering, maximize their good qualities, and harmonize their lives with the cosmic order.


    "The happenings of life are manifestations of energy. This energy in the situations of life is a very powerful teacher. If you go too far, in the sense of not being receptive enough to learn from the experience of life, if you ignore this experience and go too far with the extreme emotional excitement of ego, then sooner or later you are going to be pulled back. This might take the form of accident, illness or disaster — any sort of chaos. Whereas if you are able to see the first signal that you have lost touch with the life situation as teacher, then you will be able to tune yourself back into it. That is guru as environment." 

    From "Explanation of the Vajra Guru Mantra" in Volume Five of the COLLECTED WORKS OF CHOGYAM TRUNGPA


   "What if we were always able to look at the "challenges" or difficult times as gifts?  What if we could meet those times in the same way we meet "good" times?  How would that shift the process and allow us to move through each moment with grace, love and compassion not only for ourselves and but others?  Not too mention the mass quantity of gray hairs that worrying brings!!!
    Know that no matter how alone you may feel on this path, you are not.  There are others who are traveling beside you, behind and in front of you.  We are all mirrors and teachers for each other.  Yes, you must do the work on your own but you are part of a great tribe, for we are in this together." Journey to the Heart


Expedition to Sacred Places of Golden Altai with Dr. Elena Loboda

5 - 27 July 2015

Retrieve Fullness of the Soul.

Fasting with support of herbal teas.

April 22 – 26,  2015 

Cazadero Hills, North Sonoma coast, CA

The Journey to the Places of Power of Peru with Dr.Elena Loboda.

April 4 – 18, (15 days)  2015

Fasting With Support of Herbal Special Teas

3 days: March 20 – 22,  2015

5 days: March 20 – 24,  2015

Staten Island, NY 


Raja Yoga Philosophy and meditation practice

March 14,  2015 

Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA  

Древнее наследие Северного Священного Знания "Искусство Совершенствования - Сила Целостности"

11 марта  2015

Лос Анджелес, Калифорния


Практики Северных Чаровниц - Наследие Древнего Знания

28 февраля 2015,  Лос Анджелес


Silent knowledge of the Heart

The ancient heritage of the Northern Veddic Tradition

 Sunday, Feburary 8th, 2015 - Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA 

Saturday, January 24,  2015 - Berkeley, CA

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